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General Information
Species Mimewt
Home Planet Alpha Proxima
Body Tall Salamander
Ultimate Form Ultimate Similamander (WTB)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Power Mimicry
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Dexterity
Alternate Abilities Enhanced Mimicry (Alan 10)

Wall climbing (Clem 10)

Weaknesses Limited Mimicry Powers
Weakness Mimicry
Used By Alan Nomaly
Alternate Counterparts Similamander (Earth-1799.A)
Appears in Alan 10

Similamander is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Mimewt from the planet Alpha Proxima. He is a free use alien.


Similamander is a quadrupedal alien with murky green skin. There is a double helix-like marking running down his spine. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

The Alan 10 Adventures

In The Alan 10 Adventures, Similamander has brown skin, red eyes, and the Simplicitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Similamander's main and, possibly, only power is his ability to mimic the powers of his foe.

He is also agile and nimble, helping him escape predators.


Similamander can only mimic the powers of his foe, not the talents. This means that his powers will always be weaker than the creature he copies simply because he won't be able to use it as well. Using these powers is also somewhat straining on Similimander. The more powerful the power he tries to mimic, the lower percent of that power he will actually be able to replicate. For example: He could mimic a Pyronite's fire breathing with ease, but he would never be able to replicate the powers of a Celestialsapien.

He can only copy the powers of creatures immediately present. Once that creature leaves he can only sustain his own new powers for around an hour, maybe less.

He can only copy 'organic' powers. That means he can only copy the powers of purely organic species, and not partially mechanical or technological species like Galvanic Mechamorphs or Chronosapiens.

He also copies the weaknesses of the creatures that he mimics.


The Alan 10 Adventures

  • Similamander made his debut in The Alan 10 Adventures in the movie, Alan 10. Here, he displayed the abilities of a Tetramand, specifically Dictator Agorm Hitmas, as well as an Amperi, specifically General Qualle. He was able to best Dictator Hitmas with his own strength, then used General Qualle's powers to phase into the Tetramand, and electrocuted him from the inside, killing him.

Clem 10

  • In Start at the count of 10 he destroys three Legionnaires before timing out


The Alan 10 Adventures

Ben 10:Omniverse 2

  • TBA

Clem 10

  • Start at the count of 10



Similamander is a portmanteau of 'Similar' and 'Salamander'.


  • Similamander was named by Alan and designed by Aaronbill3.
  • Many of Similamander's concept sketches have been/will be reworked into other aliens and characters.
  • Similamander in Earth-1799.A seems to be able to sustain mimiced powers for far longer than in most other timelines.
  • In Earth-4415 (Clemente's universe) he is able to climb up walls thanks to sticky feet
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