Simien 10: Heroes is the second video game made for Simien 10. Most levels are missions in places from the show. Though only 5 Polytrix aliens are playable, there are 10 different playable characters (one of them being a Terrageonian, Drillbit's species)

Playable characters

  • Zynon
  • Simien
  • Whirlwind (As Polytrix alien)
  • Megabite (As Polytrix alien)
  • Darkhole (As Polytrix alien)
  • Acidrain (As Polytrix alien)
  • H2GO (As Polytrix alien)
  • Vorkus
  • Ic (by finishing Aranhascimmia)
  • Allen (by finishing Antartica)
  • Omnimorph (by finishing Beach)
  • Aimant (by finishing Blackout Nave Espacial)
  • Permbyt (by finishing Underwater)
  • Kronis (by finishing Crazy security system Nave Espacial)
  • B'hed (by finishing Video Game level)


  • Zynon skins: Zyrokks, Nonyz
  • Simien skins: Mad evolved form
  • Whirlwind skins: Psychlone
  • Megabite skins: Gigabite, Etibagem
  • Acidrain skins: King Xiv, Meltdown, Niardica
  • H2GO skins: OG2H
  • Vorkus skins: Sukrov, Vark
  • Ic skins: Evolved Necrofriggian, Ci, Arcticfreak (combination of Arcticguana and Ghostfreak)
  • Allen skins: Nella
  • Omnimorph skins: Phrominmo
  • Permbyt skins: Tybmrep


Levels and missions

  • 1.Aranhascimmia (from How I got the Polytrix): Explore Aranhascimmia to find the Spherodroids that attack it and then defeat Set and Anuke. Ic is unlocked in this level.
  • 2.Antartica(from How I got the Polytrix): Fight Zyrokks's drones and then defeat Zyrokks. Allen is unlocked in this level.
  • 3.Beach (from A new Member): Stop the rocket from destroying New York and chase Zyrokks. Omnimorph is unlocked in this level.
  • 4.Old castle (from a new Member): Get to Arthermos's chamber before Zyrokks and defeat the Pyro-Knight.
  • 5.School (from Back to School): Find and defeat the alien teachers and defeat the alien principal.
  • 6.Cave (from Sick of Plants): Get the Uamakata flower and defeat Zilemm.
  • 7.Blackout Nave Espacial (from Phobia Factor): Find the main power fuse and defeat Phobius. Aimant is unlocked in this level.
  • 8.Cervelle's ship (from Omnimorphed): Find and save every team member in the ship and defeat Vrees.
  • 9.Underwater (from Endanger Ahead!): Destroy Aquelectran's machine and defeat Aquelectran. Permbyt is unocked in this level.
  • 10.Vulpin (from Stranded): Go to the portal at the end of the level while avoiding Vulpimancers.
  • 11.Easter Island (from Mysteries): Destroy 15 Easter Island Statues before they reach the sea.
  • 12.Egypt (from Mysteries): Find the secret chamber in the Sphinx while avoiding booby-traps and defeat the Sphinx.
  • 13.Area 51 (from Mysteries): Go and reach Morphius before the statues do and defeat Morphius.
  • 14.Labyrinth (from Mytho-mania): Find your way out and avoid the Minotaur.
  • 15.Laicapse Evan (from Cloned): Find and defeat the clone team members and defeat Sukrov.
  • 16.Jungle (from Survival Skills): Find Len's secret base and defeat Len.
  • 17.Paris (from Team Vacation): Escape the controlled machines and defeat Mechachlorox.
  • 18.Crazy security system Nave Espacial (from Total Lockdown): Get out of the Nave Espacial while avoiding the security system. Kronis is unlocked in this level.
  • 19.Zynon's past (from The time Paradox): Rescue Zynon's medicine from past Zynon without letting him see you.
  • 20.Future New York (from Simien 10,000): Get to the time machine to get back to the normal time and defeat Tetradeltas.
  • 21.Nave Espacial (from Honey, I shrunk the aliens): All playable characters are shrinked in this level. Go to the shrinking ray and defeat Microtech.
  • 22.Video Game level (from Endgame): Pass the video game level and defeat Exabyte. B'hed is unlocked in this level.
  • 23.Geon (from Secrets of the Polytrix): Get Drillbit's DNA back.
  • 24.Encephalonus IV (from Home Sweet Home): Unhypnotise 10 Cerebrocrustaceans and defeat Zilann.
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