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Simien 10: Blood Monkey is a spinoff/loose reboot of Simien 10, and the third series in the franchise.


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  • The subtitle "Blood Monkey" serves as a reference Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which shares the series "f everything" reboot/spinoff style, and a pun on "blood money".
  • Besides the characters and aliens, the series shares barely anything in common with the previous incarnations of the franchise, Simien 10 and Simien 10: Polyverse.
  • Blood Monkey names it's episodes after songs.
    • The first season and its interlude are named all after Kanye West songs.
    • The first half of the second season also follows this pattern, but switches at the mid-season to Kendrick Lamar songs.

Simien 10: Blood Monkey
Main Characters
Minor Characters

Phobius Miedo - Deimios Miedo - Vrees - Mares Miedo

High King Ramal Krednik - High Counselor Chance Rolloc - High General Erdan Iogibb

The Lightning Storm - Food Dude

Onapros Frostana - Quentopher Antino - Luijes Retaeper - Cels and Farren - Zilemm

Len Yuefo - Danny Driscoll Yuefo - Ted Yuefo - Starman

Vender Rodriguez - Ipnotizzare - Aiken Veeblepister - The Burning Man

Hexatrix Aliens
Main Characters
Main Villains
Minor Characters
All Falls Down - Gold Digger - Stronger - Homecoming

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