General Information
Species: Argentum
Home World: Haehrg II
Body: Armored Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Silver Art
Enhanced Environmental Processing
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: TBA

Silverpoint is an alien created by CaT that is free for anyone to use as long as they give proper credit.


Silverpoint has the ability to "draw" in the air with pure silver, creating three-dimensional objects made of the metal. His typical method of doing this is first "finger painting" a sword with a fine tip that he can use to create more intricate constructs. As long as he stays in direct physical contact with his creations, his silver can be made as durable as iron.

The monumental strength necessary to maneuver his silver-clad form makes Silverpoint extremely powerful, allowing him to easily go toe-to-toe with the likes of Tetramands and Vaxasaurians.

His silver armor is functionally similar to a lightning rod, allowing it to completely negate potential electric hazards so long as he stays connected to a ground. It is also effectively bulletproof against low-caliber rounds, and reflective enough to make light-based weaponry largely useless.

The biocidal effects of the silver interlaced with his body makes him immune to most forms of microorganism-based disease, and the element's low reactivity makes him difficult to damage with acid.

Silverpoint has no eyes in any traditional sense, and instead "sees" through a combination of echolocation and thermoreception, allowing him to navigate dark environments.


Silverpoint's silver is still...well, silver, meaning that it suffers from the same softness as any other pure silver once it leaves his grasp. In addition, the metal's high thermal conductivity leaves him highly vulnerable to extreme temperatures.

Silverpoint's heavy body reduces his overall speed and agility.


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  • Silverpoint is named after the drawing technique of the same name, which can roughly be compared to using a pencil with a silver core instead of a graphite core.
  • The species name "Argentum" refers to the Latin word of the same name that forms the basis for silver's chemical symbol, Ag.
  • The planet name "Haehrg II" is based on the Proto-Indo-European word "h₂erǵ", from which the word "argentum" is derived.


  • Silverpoint's disproportionately large legs are necessary to distribute the weight of the silver both covering and infused with his body; if they were proportioned similarly to human legs, he would collapse under his own weight and/or fall through the floor of any building he tried to enter.
  • Silverpoint's species evolved on a planet constantly barraged by violent tempests and electric storms, making it necessary to evolve around a substance that could redirect electricity, hold them solidly to the ground, and be ductile enough to absorb heavy impacts from flying debris.
    • Because of this harsh environment, you can roughly judge an Argentum's age by how much of their armor is dented and scratched.
  • Due to being pure silver rather than an alloy, Silverpoint's silver does not tarnish.

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