Silver Fang
General Information
Species Suzumu
Home World Makai
Body Humanoid Armored Wolf
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Silver Manipulation
Silver Constructs
Metal Detection
Metal Dust Manipulation
Metal Manipulation
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Magic Immunity
Poison Immunity
Sharp Claws

Silver Fang is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Suzumu from the planet Makai.


Silver Fang has a humanoid body that resembles a silver armor which resembles a wolf. The under suit is dark red and he has silver armor on the chest, shoulders, arms, forearms, hips, thighs, legs and feet, with the feet armor being pointy on the end. He has black hands with five fingers with sharp red claws, the knee pads are white, the head is a silver helmet with two long horns on each side of the head pointing upwards, red teeth that can open, red blades on the arms and forearms, he has a normal silver tail, red eyes and the symbol of the Omnitrix is on a red belt.

Powers and Abilities

Silver Fang's main ability is to manipulate silver, being able to create the liquid from his hands and shape it into many things, with the most common being two swords that he uses as weapons. He can make several constructs with silver and depending on the amount of silver he uses, he can make bigger constructs.

Silver Fang is able to detect metal from distance and can detail the metal he's detecting, being able to determine its size and able to tell if it is or not metal.

He can manipulate metal, being able shape metal into anything and can use metal to create armor for his allies or himself in case some of his armor is destroyed. By manipulating metal, he can make it weak and be able to break it with ease. He can also create from his body metal dust, which is a little more stronger then normal metal and shape it into anything, like spikes.

He has enhanced durability thanks to his armored body, capable of sustaining attacks and even thought most of his body is made of metal, he's has enhanced agility and reflexes.

His armor is made with a special metal that is immune to to magic, while his body is capable of surviving any type of poison.

His claws are sharp enough to cut through anything.


Both his silver, metal dust and normal metal can be melted by fire or anything that is hot enough to melt them, especially his metal. He can only create bigger constructs made of silver if he uses too much silver on his body, which can make him weak after using. Also, his silver, metal dust and normal metal can be frozen by ice and rusted by water.

He isn't capable of detecting many metals, only limited to five for the moment.

He can be frozen by ice blasts, his armor can be rusted by water and melted by metal, alongside him.

His body isn't strong against stronger poisons.




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  • Silver Fang was inspired by GARO, with his armor being inspired by Rei Suzumura, also known as Zero the Silver Fanged Knight.
  • Sometimes during the night, his eyes will glow when he's using his powers.
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