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Silver Break
Silver Break A-Custom.png
General Information
Species: Modified Teilin
Home World: Dispartio
DNA Source: Golden Divide
Body: Masked Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Shattering Touch
Classification: Fauna
Motif: X (Shape)
Scuba Diver
User(s): Anne Christensen (Primary User)
Joshua Messias (Intended User)
First Appearance: Truth X Morning

Silver Break (A-Custom) is a unique Evolvyrn from the series Tech Cross.


The A-Custom was created for Joshua Messias by an underground arms-dealing group known as "Triumvirate" using stolen data from the EvoLock system. Before he ever had a chance to use it, the A-Custom's BootLock fell out of his coat during a fight with Anne Christensen, who took the device and used it to transform into Silver Break for the remainder of the battle.

Anne ultimately decided to keep the lock and now uses it as her sole transformation device.


Silver Break has the ability to channel a light-emitting force that can split objects apart at the molecular level, essentially "shattering" whatever it touches. This energy can be channeled through any part of Silver Break's body, allowing its use in a wide variety of melee attacks.


  • Full-Body Shield
    • A technique suggested by Theodore Logical where Silver Break channels energy throughout her entire body, making it essentially impossible for a physical attack to land on her intact.
  • Cyclone Style
    • A technique invented by Anne that takes advantage of the vacuum effect created by "shattering" the air around her to generate wind and increase her mobility.


Evolvyrns evolve over time, gradually making adaptations to their biology in order to perform better in their given roles.

Silver Break's evolution is currently following Anne's Cyclone Style, gradually making the form sleeker and more agile to fit the acrobatic nature of the technique.


Silver Break is unable to project her shattering energy in any sort of long-ranged attack.



  • Silver Break is a corrupted reflection of the name Golden Divide, the transformation from which Silver Break is derived.


In addition to the simple theme of "Scuba Diver", Silver Break's design takes heavy influence from the Japanese franchise Kamen Rider, with the purple 'X' theme derived from Kamen Rider Kaixa from Kamen Rider Faiz and the large shoulder pad referencing the designs of the New Generation Riders from Kamen Rider Gaim.

An integral theme in Kamen Rider is taking technology created for evil and using it to fight evil, something reflected in the A-Custom's origin.


  • Coincidentally, a Kamen Rider known as Kamen Rider X is also 'X'/scuba-themed; while an obvious reference in hindsight, this was not actually considered during the initial design process.