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Silent Kill
Silent Kill Short Tail.png
General Information
Species Mutant Merlinisapien
Home World Unknown
Body Humanoid Salamander
Alternate Counterparts Chamalien
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Camouflage
Sharp Teeth
Sharp Claws
Sharp Head Spike
Retractable Tail Stinger
Slippery Body
Wall Scaling
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Speed (via Wall Scaling and/or Quadrupedalism)
Danger Intuition
Voice Actor Liam O'Brien
First Appearance Up to 11

Silent Kill is the Antitrix's DNA sample of a mutant Merlinisapien from an unknown planet in Ben 10: Missing Pieces.


Silent Kill looks like Chamalien in Ultimate Alien, but his skin is silver and the position of his red and green eyes are switched. He has a longer neck and thinner body, along with a shorter tail. The patterns on his body constantly move and his helmet is skull-shaped. The Antitrix symbol is on his chest.

Transformation Sequence

Powers and Abilities

Silent Kill's main ability is his camouflage, as he is capable of blending in with the color of his surroundings with such effectiveness that he appears invisible.

Silent Kill is very agile, quick, flexible, and can climb walls and crawl on the ground with ease. He also has sharp teeth and claws.

Silent Kill body is highly slippery and smooth, making him very difficult to grab.

Silent Kill has a long, retractable black barb that can come out of the tip of his tail. He can also use it as a projectile, but it will take time for a new one to be formed.

Silent Kill has enhanced strength, enough to push a car and a huge truck several yards away and defeat a Vulpimancer in battle. He is also durable enough to withstand being thrown against a car.

Silent Kill can sense nearing danger, acute danger, potential immediate danger, or impending danger and sense unwanted or hectic threats to his well-being and evade it.


Silent Kill can easily be tracked by Vulpimancers using their enhanced senses. He can also be tracked by Anodites through his mana.

Although Silent Kill appears to turn invisible when he camouflages himself, he actually just changes his color. Consequently, his shadow can still be seen and any place filled with too many bright lights can be a disadvantage.

Silent Kill's camouflage can also be rendered useless if he is either carrying something or coated in another material such as powder or oil.

Silent Kill can be controlled and hypnotized by Vladats via their Corrupturas.

Silent Kill cannot see other beings capable of turning invisible, such as Ectonurites.


Missing Pieces


Missing Pieces


  • Credit to Echoson for the infobox image, as well as the images in the gallery.
  • Silent Kill's skin color and helmet shape were taken from Chamalien's concept design.