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General Information
Species Monstrmime
Home World Silitor
Body Human
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Stealth

Weapon creation

First Appearance Paging Dr. Animo

Silence is a Monstrmime from Silitos in Ben 10: Alien Alliance. He was used for the first time to sneak through the Animo's palace to deactivate his traps in Paging Dr. Animo.

Physical Appearance[]

Silence is an obese humanoid alien, looking like a mime. He have no visible mouth and black stripes under his eyes. He wears a black pants with braces with are connected to a neck brace. He also wears a shirt, which is white, just like his face but with black stripes. He have weird shoulder pads and very large hands, with five fingers. He wears pointy shoes with white tips and heels. He has a hair style that make it look like a hat.

Powers and abilities[]

He can create invisible walls, traps and cubes to trick or trap people. He's also very silent, he never speak or make any noise at all. Even walking through water is silent, it doesn't even rimple. He's also weightless besides his obese figure.


He's quite slow and he also lacks agility. But the main problem with Silence is the fact, he never talk. This can make mission more complex than necessary.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance[]

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