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Sif Hunderson/Sif 100
Vital statistics
Home World Earth
Species 1/2 Human
1/2 Galvan
Age 16-17
Other info
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Reddish Brown
Relatives Faith Hunderson (Mother)
Albedo (Father)
Neil Hunderson (Brother)
Richard Rhyneheart (Step-Brother)
Chelsea (Girlfriend)
Affiliation Shield of Justice
Powers and equipment
Powers Enhanced Intelligence
Decent Hand-to-Hand Combat
Production details
First Appearance A New Alphatrix, Part 1
Portrayed By Yuri Lowenthal

Sif Hunderson is the main protagonist in Sif 100, and one of many heroes in Shield of Justice. He is also set to appear in Sif 100: Revelations.


Sif is a generally nice person, who constantly makes jokes. He is easy to make mad, but he doesn't like to hold grudges, and tries to cheer everyone up. He can be considered annoying because of his constant joking personality, and he cannot take anything seriously. Sif also likes to speak through body language, and does not speak in big words. He makes fun of anyone who is smart, and doesnt like taking orders, disliking leaders.


Sif is a skinny and short teenager, with long hair and reddish eyes. Sif wears a shirt which is white and has a red stripe in the middle with a white 100 and red stripes on the sides of his shirt. Sif wears brown pants with pockets at the knees and red and white shoes. Sif wears the Alphatrix on the left wrist.

Powers & Abilities

Sif has no "real powers", and mostly relies on the Alphatrix. However, Sif does have other tricks up his sleeves. Because he is half Galvan, he does have some enhanced intelligent, but it does not help him at all except improve his memory. He isnt as smart as a Galvan, or even half as smart though. Sif is also decent at hand-to-hand combat by training either with himself, Chelsea, or the Shield of Justice. 

The Alphatrix is a piece of technology in the shape of a gauntlet, that allows Sif to transform into 100 different Aliens. The Alphatrix is confirmed to be created by Azmuth and Unknown. 

Sif, at one point, was known have stretching powers through unknown circumstances.


Sif, without the Alphatrix, can be considered useless. He always relies on the Alphatrix, and without it, he can be easily hurt or even killed. Sif is just a normal Human, with the same weaknesses as a Human. The Aliens inside the Alphatrix also have weaknesses of their own.

Sif, despite being half Galvan, isn't smart at all. He may have improved memory, but he is still dumb. He is easily angered, and doesn't take anything seriously which is a weakness. He can be lured into traps and other things because of his low intelligence.


  • Faith Hunderson


  • Albedo 


  • Chelsea


  • Bradly



Sif 100

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Shield of Justice:

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Sif 100: Revelations


  • This is the very first incarnation of Sif.
    • He is the first Sif to appear in other media (Shield of Justice)
  • This is the first (and only) Sif to be not fully Human.
    • Sif's father is Albedo, a Galvan.
  • Credits to EpicRyan for the Ben base.