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General Information
Species Freustra
Home World Sigmu
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hyponsis
Mind control
First Appearance The Rage of Poseidon

Shrink is a Freustra from the planet Sigmu. He makes his first appearance in The Rage of Poseidon in Ben 10: Alien Alliance and interrogated Argit. Later in the episode, he successfully put the Scarcharosuchus to sleep. Ben transforms in Shrink by accident but it was revealed later in the episode that Shrink was one of the new aliens that were unlocked by Cretox.

Physical Appearance[]

He has the seize of a human being and he has a humanoid body. The lower half of his body is black, while his chest is pure white. He have very big arms with surprisingly small fingers, similar to Cannonbolt. As one of the only aliens in Ben's Arsenal he have 5 fingers. He has also no toes. Shrink is a cyclops, meaning he only has one eye in his skull like head. He has four black stripes on his arms while have three on his face. On both his wrist he have a disk while in his palms is energy circle. These are called the Rings of Clotho. The Ultimatrix is on his chest.


His main ability is mind control. He can invade people's mind and control their moves. He's able of seeing through someone's eyes and even manipulated someone thoughts. In theory, he's capable of corrupting someone's mind. He knows when someone is lying and can read minds. He's can also command people to talk and even erase their memory. He's even capable to crash someone's mind, leaving him insane. He's also as strong as a bodybuilder.


If a mind is too complex, he gets a headache. He's also not the strongest, fastest or most agile alien in the Ultimatrix.


6jackb has permission to use this alien for his series.

TomasFMaggi has permission to use this alien for his series.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Tomas 10[]

(TomasFMaggi version. He is known as Brainiac.)



  • Shrink is based on the another word for psychiatrist.
  • The picture was originally Shriek form Batman Beyond.