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Shredder is the Codon Stream's dna of a Requin Typus from The water planet trenchia,he is an alien in the multimatrix the most powerful creation ever.He has different forms mainly shark because he is a shark based alien.

He can destroy upchuck norris easily.


Shredder is 12 feet in length and has green eyes he resembles a great white shark,but has arms and legs instead of fins.He is blue in top and white on the bottom like a shark and has 500 teeth on the top and bottom,he has six gills on each side of it's neck and is very muscular.He has two fin like spikes on both sides of his legs,shoulders,and on the top an top and bottom of his arms,he has a great white shark's head.He has five fingers and three short toes on his feet.He can grow a phosphorescent light on his head and can turn his legs into a tail like ripjaws.

Ultimate form

His ultimate form is black and has green bio-luminescent chestplates he has five green bio-luminescent lines around his arms,legs,and shoulders.He has long claws that glow green he has 600 teeth on the top and bottom,that also glow green.His eyes are green and cat-like like ripjaws,also like ripjaws he has two fins on his arms but they glow green.He has a long black tail with green bio-luminescent lines all around it,the end of his tail glows green and has a green spike.He has a long large angler that allows him to see in dark areas,his lips are green and he has one spike on each of his shoulders.

Powers and abilities (devolved form)

Expert swimmer

Super strength

Super speed (only in underwater)

Super bite

Can expand jaws to 60 feet

Communicate with marine life

Turn into any type of shark

Ice breath

Can create anything out of ice and water

Sharp claws

Sharp teeth

Can see in dark places(because of angler)

Laser eyes

Supreme smell

Can shoot fin-like spikes out

Can shoot water and ice out of hands,angler and fin-like spikes

Can survive in space

Can survive in different temperatures

Size manipulation

Super agility

Super durability

Sonic howl

Powers and abilities (ultimate form)

Supreme sight (can even see through things)

Supreme strength

Supreme smell

Supreme speed(only in underwater)

Can expand jaws however long he wants

Supreme hearing

Supreme durability

Supreme agility

Can survive a G-force drop

Can shift into all types of marine life

Super ultrasonic howl

Can shoot energy out of mouth

Can shoot energy out of angler

Can shoot energy out of bio-luminescent lines on him

Can emit a powerful blinding light from angler

Can shift feet into tail

Can water bend

Can energy bend

Can ice bend

Enhanced laser eyes

Can shoot lasers out of fins,gills,claws,and spikes

Expert swimmer

Can survive on land

Can see in dark places (even without angler etc.)

Size manipulation

Can survive in different temperatures

Can survive in the vacuum of space

Supreme ultra powerful bite (strongest ever)

Can emit a powerful blinding light out of fins,gills,bio-luminescent lines on him,and all of the green parts on him

Razor sharp Tail

Tail can slice through anything

Can bite through anything

Can shoot claws out

Can shoot teeth out

Can create anything out of ice

Can create anything out of energy

Can create anything out of water

Can turn fire,and lava into water or ice

can take over marine animals to do his bidding

Weakness (devolved form)

Being a water based alien he is weak to fire,Jetray's blast appear to damage him also,he sometimes does not think things through and just rushes straight into things.He can not survive on land for very long another thing that makes his closer to ripjaws.

Weakness (ultimate form)

His angler seems to be his weak spot like a to'kustar's fin on there head is to them,acid also weakens him so does Rsdiation.


His bite force is the strongest ever.

His planet is a pun on trench.

His speices is a pun on a whale sharks spieces (Requin being the french and the Typus being Latin.

He shares some things with ripjaws.

His second home planet is ripjaws planet.

He is better then ripjaws.

His normal form sometimes resembles articguana.

He is Dante's most strongest water/ice type alien.

He is the strongest water/ice type alien ever.

He is an alien in the multimatrix.

Home planet


Ripjaws planet.

Earth (Dante Meyers)


He will appear in my new show Ben 10 multiverse and whoever else wants to use him,but you have to give me full credit.