Showdown PT 2 is the 12th episode of Deo 12. it's also the series final (kinda, Cuz the series gona be rebooted). 

Deo 12
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date none
Written by Flame
Directed by Flame
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Showdown PT 1 (Deo 12)
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We see them in a Room. all Exits are closed. Jack as Prypiatosian-B Predator and Cyclo Jump down from the sky.

Jack: It's Over!

Water Hazard: Oh Yeah?

He shoots water at Jack, who absorbs it.

Water Hazard: Okey.


Jack Freezes.

Megan: Aww Yeah!

Cyclo Laughs. he takes the Trix of Jack and puts iton him self.

Cyclo: you think i teamed up with him? noo! i only used him, to get to my Target.

He looks at Deo, who just turned back

Deo: me?!

Cyclo: who else? Predatortrix Overload

Deo: what?

UltiGoop: in English pls.

Cyclo: i can turn in to anything i want

Ultigoop: Oh okay. At least he didn't say-In to anything you want?

Cyclo: yes. Now Deo, what are you going to do?

all except Deo are Puten in Electric cages.

Deo: i'm Gona take you down!

He transforms

Lizalien: You ready!?

Cyclo: born that way Cyclo jumps on Lizalien crushing him, but Deo turns in to RoboBox. he rolls in a Ball and hits Cyclo like a pin

RoboBox: Strike!!!!!

Cyclo gets up. he charges at Deo and hits him. Reobobox doesn't feal a thing, but Cyclo brokes his Hand. then he presses the Alien trix and Deo turns back to Human

Deo: hey what the?

he looks at his wrist and seees there is no Alientrix. he looks at Cyclo. he has the Alientrix

Cyclo: looking for this?

Jack Wakes up

Deo: give it back!

Cyclo: now with the Alientrix and the Predatortrix i have Ultimate power

Deo: you were just using Jack as your Pupet

Cyclo: and with his help i got to you. when Jack Told you he's Evil he knew all, but i took over him again.

Jack: so you used my as a Pupet, and Deo an-nd all of them

The others are shown

Jack: How?How could you?

Cyclo: you were my best creation Yet, young Jack

Jack: say what?

Cyclo: i even made you go to prisson.

Deo: this was all a Scheam

Cyclo: Of Course

Jack (Telepathicly): Deo! Don't you have an alien that could do something?

Deo (telepathicly): Well he has the trix, but distrackt him, i have a plan

Jack (Telepathicly): Okey.

Jack: Hey Cyclo! did u work on Deo too?

Cyclo: of Course! i made him come here

Jack: when?

Cyclo: when you wheer at prisson.

Deo sees a Flashback

Jack: [Shows up]: Hello Deo!

Deo: [takes the trix from him] That was you!

Cyclo: Of course! that's How i got in your head. i had a plan on turning you evil, but-

Deo transforms

Balance Flame: you failed

Cyclo: But how did you?

Balance Flame: I Will Un do all the Bad you did and Erase you from ever existing.

Cyclo: (Gulp)

A bright light starts to Glove from Balance Flame

Balance Flame: Be gooooooooone!!!

We see Deo, Megan, Christie and Jack In the Park

Deo: what just hppend?

A man walks by

Man: Are you kids okay?

Jack: Yeah!

Man: that's Good, you have been sleaping there for Hours.

Megan: Realy?

Man: Yeah! i cept you there. so no one would take you away.

Deo: Tnx?!

Man: Don't svet it! oh and By the way names Ben, Ben Tennyson

Chrsitie: The only plumber with rank 10+?

Ben: Yap, how did you know that.

Christie: Well i know a lot of stuff

Ben: Let my show you 4 something

The 4 get up and leave with Ben





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