Showdown PT 1 is the 11th episode of Deo 12. It's the first part of the season finale.

Deo 12
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date Unknown
Written by FlameStrike96
Directed by FlameStrike96
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Showdown PT 2 (Deo 12)


we see Christie sitting by a computer. she's wearing Headphones.

Christie: Brandongrade! do you hear me?

Brandongrade: yes i do... Megan?

Christie: [Smilles] Nope it's Christie, an othe rone of Deo's friends

Brandongrade: Ok

Christie: we need your help. Come to Earth, if you can.

Brandongrade: i'l get my team. See you soon.

Deo comes in. Christie ends the call.

Deo: wassup!?

Christie: i called that Brandon guy

Deo: nice!

Chrsitie: let's go!

we see them in a Field. a ship lands. Brandongrade, Ahmadsquatch, Ultigoop and Speedyblast exit the ship

Brandongrade: hey! this is my team. Ahmadsquatch, Ultigoop and speedyblast

Speedyblast: nice to meet you all.

Ultigoop: hi!

Christie: Let's go!

Ahmadsquatch: Right!

We see Them Outside jack's and Cyclo's Headquaters.

Wildforce: everyone remebers the plan

Everyone else: Yes!

Wildforce: Let's Go!

They split up. Minace and Ahmadsquatch

Ahmadsquatch; Ready?

Wildforce: Yes!

He changes His arms in to Long Vines. He Strches them up to the Poower lines and Ahmadsquatch Electrocutes Deo's arms

Wildforce: Ahhhh!!!!

Ahmadsquatch stops

Ahmadsquatch: You Ok?

Wildforce: Continue

Ahmadsquatch Continues

Wildforce: Ahhhh!!!


we see Megan And Christie

Christie: Ready!?

Megan: Yes

Christie: Blast!

They blast the Doors open and run in. They Run to the plan room. there is no one there.


the plans start tu Burn

Megan: Nice!

they run out


we see Brandongrade, Ultigoop and Speedyblast.

Brandon: so now let's go.

Brandon Merges with a Drone. UltiGoop Turns i to a Pile of Goo and jumps on Brandon. Speedy runs fast. We see Ahmad and Wildforce walking

Wildforec: i'm bored of this guy

he transforms

Water Hazard: better.

They walk in an emty room with 3 more 2 more exits


Megan and Christie are running. the see a light.

Megan: an exit!

Chrsitie: or Trouble.

they run to the light. they some out at the same place as Ahmadsquatch and Deo.

Christie: hey guys!


Brandongrade as a bot and speedyblast Running Very fast.

Speedyblast: there is light a head. let's go!

She lifts Brandon, who unmerges from the bot and runs to the end of the Tunnel. tehy come out the smae place as the others

UltiGoop: {Turns to normal] Hy guys, what now?

all the doors close. Jack as Prypiatosian-B Predator J\ and Cyclo Jump down from the sky.

Jack: It's Over!

To Be Continuated



Aliens used

By Deo

By Jack

  • Prypiatosian-B Predator
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