Shortcut is an alien by Primal.

General Information
Species Oakroot
Home World Unknown
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities listed below


Shortcut is made of a material resembling wood. It is roughly five feet tall. It has no toes, instead it's foot is pointed. It has a humanoid appearance, with blades in place of hands, and a diamond-like head, jagged on the top. It's eyes are completely white, with a grin always underneath them. The Omnitrix is on it's left forearm.


  • Limited Shapeshifting: Shortcut can shapeshift it's "hands" or blades into whatever object it desires.
  • Limited Geokinesis: Shortcut also has geokinesis, the ability to manipulate Earth. Granted, it can only generate earthen materials and manipulate earthen materials.
  • Limited Regeneration: Shortcut can create new limbs after one is destroyed.


  • Body Material: Being made of a wood-like material, things that would affect wood such as fire would be able to damage Shortcut. This would also include tools and machines such as chainsaws would manage to not only harm Shortcut but possibly destroy him.


  • TBA
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