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General Information
Species Transylian
Home World Anur Transyl
Residence Drakkon's Ship
Age Unknown
Affiliations Drakkon
Occupations Engineer
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Electrical Beam Emission
Electricity Infusion
Shock Wave Emission
Electrokinetic Surfing
Electric Field Manipulation
Electricity Absorption
Electric Charging
Electric Shock
Electrical Telepathy
Electrical Healing
Electrical Wall Crawling
Electrokinetic Levitation
Electrical Redirection
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Intelligence
Robotics Intuition
Space Survivability
Heat Resistance
First Appearance The Dragon's Awakening

Shocker is an antagonist in Draconomenal. He first appeared in The Dragon's Awakening. He is a Transylian from the planet Anur Transyl. Shocker is a member of Drakkon's group and their engineer with robots.


Shocker resembles the classic depiction of Boris Karloff's version of Victor Frankenstein's monster's. His body is muscular and colored in gray, with a purple scar on his left forearm, another one on his right arm and a X-shaped scar on his torso. He has metallic red fingerless gauntlet, he wears a red sleeveless vest, blue pants with a metallic red belt with its front having a pentagon, red shoes, his eyes are green and round, the conductors on his back are golden, he has two red bolts on each shoulder and his hair is black.


As shown, Shocker is pretty aggressive and hot-tempered, getting angry easily and he hates being told to calm down since he knows that will not help him when he's angered. One of the things that can make Shocker angered is when someone destroys his robots, which he calls his "precious creations" since he put a lot of work into them and can become angered when they are destroyed. Also, he becomes calm when he hits something or someone that angered him.

Despite his aggressive personality, he's very intelligent and demonstrated by the robots he built to try capturing the Dracotrix from Jay, putting a lot of work into them and improving some of them to be better at combat.



Powers and Abilities

Being a Transylian, Shocker can manipulate electricity that his body generates to shoot powerful beams of electricity from his hands.

He can infuse his fists with electricity to make them stronger, as shown during his fight against Beetlezure.

By punching the ground, he can unleash shock waves as seen during his battle against Jay and the others.

He can use electricity to move himself faster.

He can project an electric force-field to protect himself from attacks.

He can absorb electricity to make himself stronger or to heal an injure.

He can charge electronics with electricity to make them work.

He can unleash powerful electric currents on someone to the point of knocking them out or to overheat any electronic or machine.

He can use electricity to read someone's mind by touching their heads.

He can use electricity to walk on walls.

He can use his electricity to control magnetism and he can use this electromagnetism to grab metal objects.

He can use electricity to levitate himself.

He can redirect electricity to any specific target.

He's very strong, durable and intelligent and good in robotics.

He can survive in space and is immune to heat.



  • His appearance was inspired by Viktor from Ultimate Alien with elements from his Omniverse appearance.
  • In the Draconomenal universe, Shocker has heard about Viktor and was inspired by him to work on science, especially robotics.
  • He hates bats, especially because this reminds him of his species that were enslaved by the Vladats.