General Information
Species Unkowned Shapeshiffing creature
Home World Unkowned planet
Powers and Abilities

Shiffy is a alien that appear in Ben 10: Opposite

Powers and Abilities

  • Shape-Shifting: Hee can transform and reshape the form of one's body
  • Size Manipulation: He can change his size
  • Power Replication: He can copy other powers when he Shape-Shifting to them
  • He can Regenerate and rebuild himself with ease.


  • He can revert back to original form when unconscious or feeling tired
  • He can only Shape-Shifting for 1 hour or it will hurt his body if he stay for too long
  • He will lose his power that he copy form after he return back to his original form
  • He is very week in his normal form which is why he have those power
  • He Cannot replicate Omni powers or time powers


  • He is based on Ditto. (a pokemon form gen 1)
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