Shield of Justice is the sequel to Ghasten 10Sif 100Richard 10: Alpha-OmegaverseCooper 10Mig 10: Gamaverse, & Generator Rex written by Sif, MigAlanGhasten, and formerly Ty.

A year after every series, a team of 7 heroes (Ghasten, Sif, Richard, Ty, Cooper, Mig, & Rex) come together with a common goal: Save the world.

Main Characters

  • Austin Sparks/Ghasten 10 
  • Sif Hunderson/Sif 100
  • Miguel Tennyson/Mig 10
  • Tyler Blaize/Ty 10
  • Cooper Daniels/Cooper 10
  • Richard Rhyneheart/Richard 10
  • Rex Salazar/Generator Rex

Recurring Characters

  • Bradly 
  • Shiar Shreen
  • Detective Shen 
  • Shawn Saminson 


  • Darak [ACTIVE]
    • Ectonurite Slaves [INCARCERATED]
  • Unknown/Unnamed Villain Team [ACTIVE]
    • E.V.O.lved [ACTIVE]
    • ??? [ACTIVE]
    • ??? [ACTIVE]
    • Magnedrones [ACTIVE]
  • The Highbreed [DECEASED]
    • DNAliens [ACTIVE]
    • Unnamed Revenge Highbreed [ACTIVE]
  • Biowulf [DECEASED]
  • Forever Knights [ACTIVE]
    • Enoch [DECEASED]
  • Fistrick [INCARCERATED]
  • Relyt [ACTIVE]
  • Inspector #13 [ACTIVE]
Fan List
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  • Shield of Justice, strangely enough, was never cancelled, making this the longest running project for the writers. 
  • Shield of Justice is the sequel/reboot to an old crossover titled The Alliance of Enemies
  • The events that take place in Shield of Justice are exactly one year after every series
    • The only exception is for Ty, who never had a series, and was potrayed as a "newbie".

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