Shiar Shreen
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Alignment Good
Friends Miguel Rivers (deceased)
Daniel Rivers
Relatives Pslycho (father; deceased)
Mrs. Shreen (mother; deceased)
Shawn "Toon" Shreen (uncle)
Age 18
Status Alive
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Living Portal (Terox influence)
Card Association Seven of Hearts
Voice Actor Victoria Justice
First Appearance Mig X: Revolution

Shiar Shreen is a main character of Mig X: Revolution.


Shiar wears a black-collared shirt with a red vest over it. She has skinny, faded blue jeans and red shoes. Her hair is brown and laid down. She has bright, blue eyes.

Powers & Abilities

While under the influence of Terox, she served as a portal for Terox to breach into and communicate.


Shiar was born in Central City, but she was raised in the more tougher part of town. Her father, Sly Shreen, had made a deal with the nefarious Terox when she was around 12 years old; he murdered her mother. A few years later, Sly had murdered her girlfriend at the time, and thus made it a rough time for her to be there. She tried running away a couple of times, but realized it wasn't the right thing to do. She eventually began to see a softer side of her father and stayed relatively loyal to him, although still scarred and frightened of him.



  • Shiar is bisexual.
  • She became a mutant as a result of Terox; although he was defeated, long lasting affects awoken her power of shadow manipulation.
  • Shiar's Trump card is Seven of Hearts, which represents charm and exerting influence on others as well as honing extremities in jealousy, suspiciousness, or loyalty until death.
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