The Shianusapiens are EpiCentaur 's species.  They live on the planet Veridia .


Shianusapiens are a centaur-like race. Therefore they have four legs attached at two hips sections, and two arms attached to the chest above this.

They strongly resembles a horse from the waist down, with a more human shape from the torso up. They have a coat of fur that stretches from their hooves all the way up to their wrists and neck/cheeks.

Their head appears very similar to a human head, except with a third eye in the middle of the forehead, and they have no ears. Their hands also look very human, except with naturally sharper nails.


With four strong legs, Shianusapiens are incredibly fast.

Shianusapiens also possess enhanced strength, capable of lifting heavy objects as well as carry them long distances on their back.

By vigorously stomping their hooves, Shianusapiens are capable of generating mild tremors.


Known (Species name, plural)

  • Epicentaur (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Shianusapien)
  • Off world colonists


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