Shenshangxians are a species from the planet Jiayouzhan, and are Level-Headed's species.


Shenshangxians are short, humanoid aliens. They have four eyes, and hands that consist of just two tentacles. Shenshangxians, save for their hands, constantly wear containment suits with tanks on the front and/or back.


Jiayouzhan produces a gas that is normally toxic to the Shenshangxians, but they built technology that was able to refine it and turn it into the gas they have in their tanks, letting them alter their abilities.


  • A Shenshangxian's containment suit has tanks filled with a gas that alters their powers when inhaled based on the situation they're in.
  • Shenshangxians have tentacles that are often paired with their powers.


  • Shenshangxians have no extra abilities without their gas.
  • Shenshangxians can get their suits (more importantly, tanks and tubes) punctured, letting their gas leak out.
  • In its raw form, the gas Shenshangxians use to adapt is toxic.

Notable Shenshangxians

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