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Shell Smash
General Information
Species Omnis Mundi Creatura
Home World Clypeoyle
Body Gargoyle
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Rock Shield

Super Strength Super Speed

Voice Actor Jeff Bennet

Shell Shock is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Omnis Mundi Creatura from the planet Clypeoyle in Pokémon Sky.


First Form

Shell Smash is a gargoyle-like creature covered in stone, but he can still move around. He has covering over his arms that work as shields.

Second Form

Shell Smash’s hands and legs are free. They are red and covered in blades.

Third Form

The rest of his body is free, revealing a tank top and shorts. He has wings.

Powers and Abilities

Shell Smash is covered in rock. The more he gets attacked, the more the rock breaks. He has three forms based on how much rock is left.

First Form

Shell Smash is super strong and durable.

He can use his arm shields to negate any attack.

He is immune to water-based attacks.

=Second Form

Shell Smash reveals blade arms that he can use to cut things with.

Third Form

Shell Smash is incredibly fast, and can use his blades to become a speeding knife.

He can fly.


First Form

Shell Smash is very heavy and slow.

His wings are just for show.

Second Form

This is the worst of Shell Smash’s forms. None of the strength benefits nor the speed benefits of his other forms.

Third Form

This form is very physically weak and not very durable, so he must doge any and all attacks that come his way.

He is no longer immune to water attacks.


  • Shell Smash is named after a Pokémon attack.
  • Omnis Mundi Creatura is Latin for creature feature.
  • Clypeoyle comes from Clypeus, Latin for shield, and gargoyle.


  • Various design aspects of this are based off Disney’s Gargoyles.
  • The species and planet name was made by Alan as part of her Alanomaly's Name Supplies service.
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