Shawn Shreen
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Alias Toon
Friends Miguel Rivers (deceased)
Daniel Rivers
Relatives Shiar Shreen (niece)
Pslycho (brother; deceased)
Age 47
Status Alive
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Equipment Various Weaponry
Body Armor
First Appearance Mig X: Revolution
Shawn Shreen is a character in Mig X: Revolution.


"The driver's seat door exploded open, and two boots plopped down onto the ground, and the door slammed shut behind them; a figure walked forward, with a machine gun strapped to his back; the figure wore thick, black pants with multiple pouches and zippers on it; he wore a silver-colored shirt, with some white spots on it, as well as a few black spots, sporting winter camouflage; he had black combat gloves on, and spiked up, blackish hair; he spat out tobacco onto the ground, and reached for his machine gun; he also had a belt with a few pistols and such on it."

Powers & Abilities

None, though he has advanced military and Special Ops training.


Shawn Shreen was born into the Shreen family with his brother, Sly. Him and Sly had gotten along in the past, though they separated as their career choices were quite different from one another.

He began working for the government after he had been defected from Afghanistan whilst fighting in the war on terror. He became an undercover, special ops agent, and was sent to Central City to investigate what had happened with his crew, however they died, and he found his way to Soledad.

After the movie, he was murdered while away from Shiar.



  • His nickname, Toon, comes from his liking of cartoon shows in the past.
    • This was also a direct reference to Cartoon44.
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