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Shataranjans are a species originating from the planet Shataran.


Shataranjans look like humanoids with either white or black skin, depending on the planet side they live on.


Shataranjans of different colors are archenemies. They constantly fight for territory. Each side has a monarchy, which has a queen as the supreme leader.

Shataranjans collaborate with Haathee, tame Ghodas and build Meenaars.

Shataranjans are a carnivorous species. They eat either small animals of their planet or dead Ghodas.

Powers and Abilities

Shataranjans are trained for combat since their birth. They are expert tacticians and melee fighers. Dependind on their side of the planet, the Shataranjans have different abilities to survive on each side. For instance, white Shataranjans are heat-resistant and light-immune, due to being always exposed to starlight. On the other hand, black Shataranjans are cold-resistant and have night-vision, thanks to the eternal darkness of the location.

Some Shataranjans have the innate ability to ride Ghodas, which can be white or black as well. These have a slightly higher social status.


As Shataranjans live in different climates, the conditions on the other side of the planet might be too harsh for whites or blacks to survive.

Notable Shataranjans


  • White Shataranjan Queen


  • Black Shataranjan Queen


As with the planet, Shataranj means "chess" in Hindi.


  • Shataranjan queens and kings, just like everything else on the planet, are based off chess.
  • There seems to be no DNA sample of any type of Shataranjan in any Omnitrix.