Sharktank is an alien from Not Applicable.

General Information
Species Netsukrion
Home World Steviro
DNA source Unknown Netsukrion
Body Humanoid Shark
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Water Control

Scythe Arms Strong Bite

Equipment Napoleon's Sunglasses
First Appearance Humans? What Humans?


Sharktank has:

  • Water Control
  • Water Breathing
  • Night Vision
  • Tough Skin
  • Protective Layer of Microscopic Teeth
  • Sharp Blades
  • Enhanced Overall Strength
  • Extremely Powerful Jaw



Sharktank is shaped like a dark blue and black shark standing up on two legs. He has two arms, each ending in somewhat fin-shaped blades. He wears Napoleon's signature sunglasses on his forehead.


Sharktank is clunky and slow outside of water, and while his jaw is extremely powerful when biting, it's relatively easy to hold it closed.

Planet and Species Information

Sharktank is a Netsukrion from the planet Steviro. Steviro, upon first viewing, would seem to be a desert planet, completely covered in dry rocks, sand, and dirt, with very few water sources throughout. That is exactly how the planet was first described by the team of explorers who discovered it; however, upon tracking the tectonics of the planet, they discovered that most of the landmass was freely floating upon a huge ocean 3 miles under the surface.

Many odd species were discovered there, though the only sapient ones found thus far were the Netsukrions. Netsukrions, rather bizarrely, don't have any gills; instead, they have lungs very similar to a humans, and literally breathe the water that surrounds them. This is possible thanks to their lungs being covered in a strange substance that absorbs oxygen with a much higher efficiency than human lungs. This is also helped by a special organ in their throat that purges some of the hydrogen through electrolysis.


  • Humans? What Humans?, where he used his scythes and water control to take down giant alien heads that were trying to eat him. (Not to mention the entire human race, eventually.) First appearance.
  • Machina Ex Deus, where he battled the Zenturi

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