General Information
Species Piscciss Akulon
Home World Piscciss
Body Humanoid Shark
Powers and abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Agility (Underwater)
Sharp Fins
Sharp Teeth
Underwater Respiration

First Appearance The Breakout: Part 1

Sharklitz is the Ne-O's DNA sample of a Piscciss Akulon from the planet Piscciss. He is one of the aliens in Genesis: Chronocle


Sharklitz has the appearance of a bulky humanoid shark. Most of his body is a dark metallic blue color. His upper torso is muscular. He has two arms with shoulder spikes on them and four fingers, both ending with sharp claws. He has two slightly shorter legs with two toes each, both having a claw on them. He has a long tail. He has a star-like pattern on top of his head. He has three long gills on each side of his head. He has two black eyes on each side of his head with a white iris and black round pupils. The top of his head has a large fin on it. The majority of his back, including his tail, is covered in small fins.


Sharklitz has an arrogant and tough-guy personality. He always uses contractions when he speaks and has a rapper-like accent.

Powers and Abilities

Sharklitz's muscular body gives him amazing strength, allowing him to smash away opponents or matter.

The blades on his elbows and the fins on his head, back and tail can be used as sharp weapons.

Being a shark, he is better at combat underwater. While he is underwater he can swim at amazing speeds.


Being an aquatic alien, similar to Ripjaws, he cannot stay outside of water for a long time, however, he can do it for a lot longer than Ripjaws can.

Being exposed to heat will weaken him.

Because of his personality, he hits first and thinks later. His brain is hardwired that way, similar to how Appoplexians are hardwired for aggression.


  • The Breakout: Part 1
    • Sharklitz was unlocked through the random transformation feature of the Ne-O and was used to break out of the prison cell.
  • The Breakout: Part 2
    • Nick later used Sharklitz to knock out two of the Exilists.


  • He is inspired by Sharpedo from Pokemon.
  • His species, Piscciss Akulon are from the same planet as Ripjaws's species, Piscciss Volann.
    • Akulon comes from the Bulgarian word akula, which means "shark".


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