General Information
Species TBA
Home World TBA
Body Humanoid Shark
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super Human Strength
Enhanced Swimming
Enhanced Leaping
Enhanced Smelling
Electronic Detection
Powerful Bite
First Appearance Renegade
Sharkbite is an alien transformation from the series, Brandon 10.


Sharkbite takes on the appearance of an large, muscular, humanoid shark- specifically a Great White Shark. More specifically, he has a fin at the top of his head, two big green eyes, a chiseled bone structure, gills at the side of his head and also at the side of the stomach, black spikes on his shoulders and arms, dark boots and a pointed tail. The Ultimatrix symbol rests on his chest.

Transformation Sequence


Powers and Abilities

As a shark-themed alien, Sharkbite has the ability to breath underwater and swim at immense speeds. He can also leap up to ten feet into the air, whether in or out of water. Given his muscular physique, Sharkbite can easily move heavy objects as well as bend metal. Moreover, he can use his strength to gain an advantage in combat.


While he is able to survive out of water, staying on land for too long could lead to increased levels of aggrevation. Combined with taking hits in a battle, this disadvantage could lead into a dangerous frenzy mode that Sharkbite can go through.


In Renegade, Sharkbite was unlocked and used to defeat the Demolition Man. In The Clone Wars, Sharkbite was used to locate electricity distrubution to track down Lucy.


Ultimate Hero


  • An alternate name for Sharkbite was considered to be Great Bite as a reference to Great White, the type of shark he was based on. Ultimately, Sharkbite was kept as his final name.


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