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Shark dog
Untitled w omni
General Information
Species Sharmancer
Home World Seaqua
Body Dog/Shark combined

Ocean inhabitant

Powers and Abilities
Abilities Blindeness

Rip through metal roar Drool feet change into fins

First Appearance I got a watch with...12 Aliens!


This Alien was the first one to be unlocked and to be introduced as to be non-speaking, yet it like nonspeaking aliens it has thoughts. Drool is commonly seen when she smells blood. But never goes after the source due to it's trained nature.

It can see through blue vision when noises has been made and gills serves as a air detector while the Omnidewtrix supplies water to its surivial. However, it should be known this creature reproduces like a dog instead of the Shark ways.

Sharmancer is a combination name of Shark and Vulpimencer.

SharkDog CAN speak[]

She can speak similar in a way to Werewolves and another term called mind Control/spark bonding effects; (Do very hard research on Spark Bonding, because if you don't know, you won't understand) Whenever a human first interacts with him/her, they get imprinted via electric attack or a scar on them as seen in C12:Os's first episode When Anna O. Capulla became curious at the Omnidewtrix's symbol and touched it.

Anna is able to hear Cassie through thoughts or her barking.

See also[]

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Cassie 12: Original Series[]

I got a watch with...12 ALIENS! Where it frightened Anna at first.

Uhhh...Scary farm house? to search for her Uncle.

Visiting relatives to scare Anna.

Captured Tai as a Showoff.

One odd dream as a projection and used as a Alien.


  • It is the first Alien seen in the very first episode as a main character and alien character
  • It can be mistaken as a shark beneath Water.
  • This is the first Aqua Vulpimencer seen so far in the Ben 10 Fanfiction.