General Information
Species Spicaimpetus
DNA source 101 Code Stream (From the planet: Codex Amin’s)
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shard Sword

Shard Shield Shard Shooting Shard Summon


Shardataxis the Technomatrixx‘s DNA sample of a Spicaimpetus from the planet Acri in EX 10


Appears to be a one-eyed Alien/cyclop, having 8 Arms, 2 that shoots Shards, 2 that has Sharp Shards, used to stab, 2 to summons shards, and 2 normal-ish arms... Having a humanoid body, and he has 3 legs, with pieces of sharp shards poking upwards toward his body.


Powers and Abilities

Shardatax’s powers, and/or, abilities are:

  • Shard Shooting, he does this by having 2 of his back arms, creating shards, and 2 other throwing them.
  • Shard Sword, he can do this, because he has 2 back arms, that has a very sharp shard, used to stab...
  • Shard Shield, to do this, 2 of his shard-generating arms, create a shield, for Shardatax to defend himself with.
  • Shard Summon, he does his with his shard-generating arms, uses them to make structures, like how Diamondhead would do it.


Shardatax’s weaknesses are:

  • Lava, with lava, Shardatax can be melted into molten iron, gold, or other.


  • TBA


  • In Latin, Spica, meaning Spike, and Impetus, meaning Attack.



Technomatrixx Icon of: Shardatax


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