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Shapeshifter is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a unknown species from the Etheria in the "She-Ra and the princesses of power" universe.


Shapeshifter is a reptilian being with elf-like ears, light green skin, and a slender build. Their overall appearance resembles that of a chameleon. They have long blondish hair. They are also very tall.

They have a very reptilian appearance, having large, slanted, almond-shaped eyes with green scleras, chartreuse irises and slitted pupils, and another set of eyelids which blink horizontally. Shapeshifter's nose is small with slits for nostrils, they have claws, sharp teeth and a long tail stemming from the base of their spine. Their ears are very long and pointed, and stick out from either side of their head. Shapeshifter also has small eyebrows and long, slicked-back, pale blond hair which is shaved into an undercut style at the sides.

Shapeshifter wears a short-sleeved, green and black leotard with pointed shoulders and a high collar. They sport long, black gloves which cover their pinkies and ring fingers. Their outfit has a large cut-out which exposes part of their back and sides, with a strap just above their tail. They wear similarly coloured pants underneath with black, high-heeled boots reaching to their ankles.

Shapeshifter wears the Omnitrix symbol on the chest.

Power and Abilities

  • Shape-shifting - Shapeshifter can take on the form of whoever they choose, though they appear to be limited to humanoid forms and do not gain the powers of whoever they become. They can invent their own unique forms and are able to transform individual body parts.
  • Combat - Shapeshifter is good at hand-to-hand combat.
  • Espionage - They are very capable of infiltration via their shapeshifting, and can easily get ahold of information.
  • Strength - Shapeshifter has shown a notable level of strength.


  • Impersonation - The ability to change shape is of little use unless you are able to stand out for the person you are imitating.