Shakuma is the Alfatrix's DNA Sample of a Sumbrian from an Unknown Planet.

General Information
Species Sumbrian
Home World Unknown
Body Ghost-Like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shadow Control
Limited Teleportation
Mind Control
First Appearance Where The Dimensions Fight Part 2


Shakuma has a ghost-like body with purple skin, he has his eyes sealed, the one on his forehead being the only one that is opened,his shoulders and what appears to be whole on his chest are also sealed,he has some kinda of portal on his stomach.He has brown hair and long arms.

He has the Alfatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Not much is known about him as he didn't appear yet, being only a preview alien,here is what is known:

  • He can manipulate his shadow.
    • In dark places, even if his shadow isn't seen he can manipulate it and those who are attached to it.
  • He can use his stomach "portal", teleport people and himself.
  • He can mind control people.
  • If his two eyes open up he can create illusions.
  • If his chest opens he can eat the soul of people, that's how the species feeds it self.


Not much is known about his weaknesses as well, the only weaknesses known being:

  • To use the mind control ability it is needed a huge amount of concentration.
  • Because they can only whisper, it is hard to communicate with other species.
  • He can only teleport to places where he has been.
  • He cannot levitate more then he weights.


  • Shakuma's name is combination of the words "Shadow" and "Akuma", Akuma meaning Demon or Devil in Japanese.
  • Some people assumed they were Ectonurites when they see them due to their body shape.


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