Shakaralramals are a species from the planet Yataghayarun.


Shakaralramals are sand-like beings. While they can shapeshift, their default look is semi-humanoid, being like a giant upper half of a person. The color of their sand varies, typically being colors of Earth sand, such as red or yellow, while some are more grey, taking on a more gravel-like physiology than sand. They also have wooden bits on their arms and backs, also in the same colors as Earth wood. They have two small eyes, and no mouths.


  • Shakaralramals have sand physiology, giving them shapeshifting, regeneration, and an odd form of stealth when in certain environments.
  • Shakaralramals have density shifting, letting them change from sand to sandstone. This, along with their wooden armor, gives them more durability.


  • Like real sand, the bodies of Shakaralramals can be turned to mud when in contact with water and into glass under intense heat.

Notable Shakaralramals

  • Sandbox (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Shakaralramal in Earth-2018)
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