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Shadybug Sketch.png
General Information
Species Rorschinellidae
Home Planet Algernon
Body Humanoid Ladybug
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Subtle Hypnosis
Minor Appearance Alteration
Enhanced Charisma
Enhanced Durability (via shell)
Enhanced Agility
Weaknesses Fragile Underbelly
Delicate Wings

Shadybug is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet. He is a free use alien.


This alien takes the appearance of a large humanoid ladybug with four arms (the top pair being much longer than the lower pair) and two legs. His exoskeleton is mostly red. He has four delicate yellow wings. These wings are usually folded on his back beneath his shell, which itself is plated so that it folds out to be much much larger when the wings are deployed.

In terms of height, with his wing-shell extended upwards (as in the picture) he comes to about 5' tall.

The Omnitrix dial is on his upper left shoulder.

Powers and Abilities

Shadybug's main ability revolves around the black patterns on his shell, which can switch and change seemingly at random but entirely at the will of Shadybug. These spots serve the purpose of hypnotism, able to subtly alter the thinking of any self-aware being that views them without them becoming aware that they are being manipulated. This ability works best when it does not directly contradict the thoughts or feelings of the victim, and as such the hypnotism can be reinforced by communicating excuses for the changed behaviours through the patterns.

Shadybug is a people's person, a social chameleon able to rapidly adapt to talking with others of any personality type even if they have just met. Shadybug is incredibly persuasive and subtle, able to slip quiet hints into his conversations. These conversations can help reinforce the hypnotism and distract a victim from looking away from his wings.

His shell is very durable.

He can fly, and is very nimble in the air.


Some actions are so directly against the will of most creatures that they immediately make the victim aware of the manipulation and, as a result, causes any future attempts to hypnotise them to fail. Examples usually include, but are not limited to:

  • Suicide
  • Murder of a close individual
  • Cannibalism
  • Genocide

However, there are cases where the victim may be deranged or otherwise preemptively open to the above actions.

His wings and underbelly are very delicate and vulnerable to damage.


  • Shadybug's planet and species were named by Alan.
    • Rorschinellidae is a portmanteau of Rorschach and Coccinellidae, the former being the name of a character from Watchmen who inspired this alien's powers, and the latter being the scientific name for ladybugs.
    • Algernon is a reference to Flowers of Algernon, a story in which the Rorschach test played a notable part.
  • This alien was prompted by Off-the-grounder, who asked for an alien based on a ladybug.
  • This alien's page was created on the 12th of November 2019- three days before Pokemon: Sword and Shield were released and two days before Bulbapedia catalogued the existence of Orbeetle. The connection between this alien and that Pokemon are pure coincidence. Orbeetle tackles the psychic-ladybug concept way better.
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