General Information
Species Gargulionis
Home World Shadownis
Body Gargoyle
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shadow Melding

Toxic Breath
Enhanced Strength

First Appearance Orange Patrol
Shadoyle is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of a Gargulionis from Shadownis.


Shadoyle resembles a humanoid gargoyle. It has large wings with spiked tips. It has two 'toes' on its feet, along with three claws on each of its two hands. Its entire body is gray, resembling stone. It has two curled horns similar to those of a ram. It has the Omnitrix symbol on its chest.

Powers and Abilities

Shadoyle can fly at great speeds with his large wings. He's also rather strong, allowing him to fight off most attackers.

Shadoyle possesses the ability to merge into shadows, becoming virtually undetectable other than a heat signature.

Shadoyle's final ability allows him to emit blasts of toxic breath from his mouth, ranging from an irritating effect to fatal. Shadoyle can control the power of the gas.

Shadoyle also possesses enhanced strength, allowing him to hold his own in combat.


Shadoyle is harmed by ultraviolet light. While exposed, his abilities are rendered completely useless. If he's exposed for too long before getting out of UV light, his powers will be unusable for an amount of time dependent on how long he was exposed.


Stew 10: Rebooted

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