Shadowhide OmniHero
General Information
Species Obscuridians
Home World Obscuridia
Body Humanoid Ghost
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shadowcery, flight, intangibility, invisibility
First Appearance Said in Silence
Shadowhide is one of Joe's alien DNA samples that he can transform into when using his Omnitrix in The OmniHeroes!



Shadowhide looks like a ghost with bulky hands, as well as three tendrils that don't connect to his body. Also, his purple colored head doesn't connect to his body. Also, his jaw is disconnected from his head. A whitish-blue flame conducts itself from Shadowhide's head.

In The OmniHeroes! series, Shadowhide's head and tendrils are now composed of grey-colored flames, and his jaw is connected to his skull. He now has spikes protruding from his shoulders. He still has bulky, two-fingered hands.
Shadowhide OmniHero

Shadowhide in The OmniHeroes!

Shadowhide has the KeyTrix symbol on his chest in The Hero Generation, and also has the Omnitrix symbol on his chest in The OmniHeroes! The Omnitrix symbol on Shadowhide's chest in The OmniHeroes! is shown to be in a hexagonal shape.


In spite of the flame that comes from Shadhowhide's head, he does not possess pyrokenises, or anything related for that matter. He has the ability to use shadowcery- the ability to muster objects from shadows. It has been shown he can conduct a shield using shadowcery. He also has the power to become both invisible and intangible.

Appearances in "The Hero Generation"

Appearances in The OmniHeroes!



  • Shadowhide returns in The OmniHeroes! series.
  • Shadowhide was originally designed as a completely black humanoid.
  • Three quarters of Shadowhide's planet is intangible.
  • Shadowhide's race has a lifespan of 7 years.
  • It is harder for Shadowhide's race to live in sunlight, but not for Joe when he is Shadowhide. This is similar to Ben Tennyson's alien, Ghostfreak, from the original series.
  • Shadowhide resembles a ghost.
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