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General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shape-shifting, possessing people and other creatures
First Appearance Return of The Control Freak

Shadowbeast is an alien used by Cyber 10 from Cyber 10: Ultimate Mission, Shield of Justice and Cyberverse.

  • One of Cyber's most used aliens in the future.
  • Shadowbeast is one of the new additional aliens in the Cybermatrix.
  • Shadowbeast has no length limit when he stretches his body.

The Alien

Shadowbeast's home planet and species is still unknown. He has the power to shape-shift into any object and can merge with anyone's or anything's shadows. Shadowbeast also can possess people or other living creatures.


Cyber 10: Ultimate Mission

Season 2

  • Return of The Control Freak

Shield of Justice

Season 3

  • TBA


No spoilers :p



  • Shadowbeast is the third additional alien to be introduced in Cyber 10: Ultimate Mission. The first is Radioactive and the second is Armorbolt.
  • Shadowbeast is the second additional alien to be introduced in Season 2. The first being Armorbolt.
  • He is also a playable character in Cyber 10: The Game.

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