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Shadow Sneak is a Shadowsian for Finn 10: Ultimate Alien.

Shadow Sneak
Dark Monster Thing
General Information
Species Shadowsian
Home World TBA
Body TBA
Powers and Abilities
Abilities TBA
First Appearance I dunno


Shadow Sneak has a humanoid, almost-pitch-black body with a pointy head, 3 digits on each hand, and 2 digits on each foot. He has sharp teeth and a snake-like tongue.


Shadow Sneak has the ability to become a shadow. He does this by melting into the surface he is on and become a shadow in his own shape.

Who is Shadow Sneak ?[]

You figure it out. I already uploaded a pic a......month ago? I dunno. If you figure out which pic is Shadow Sneak, you win the joy of winning! And these brownies. Ooh! and this toaster strudel.

Congrats to Solo for getting it right! Whoo!