Shadow Hound
General Information
Species Animal-Mutant
Age Unknown
Residence New Haven (Destroyed)
Class 2
Status Alive
Affiliations New Haven/Mutant Kind
Occupations Servant (Formerly)
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Enhanced Senses
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Equipment Bio-Armor
Alias(es) Dolt (Psyche)
Relatives Ryden Kurtzman (Master)
Friends Ryden Kurtzman
First Appearance A Rainy Day
Voice Actor Travis Willingham

Shadow Hound is a villain in the series, Mutant Drake.


Shadow Hound takes the appearance of a big, hunched-over, brown-furred creature, resembling a large dog, with metallic armor covering not only his body but the left side of his face as well. He also has a scar over his right eye.


Shadow Hound was an aggressive personality but restricts his aggressiveness in order to carry out his tasks although it still shows and can be heard whenever he does and says something. Shadow Hound is extremely loyal and would do whatever it takes to serve his master, Ryden Kurtzman. Shadow Hound, also, wants to make it clear that he is more powerful and intelligent than what everyone else believes, sometimes having the need to prove it.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Mutant, Shadow Hound possess special abilties including the ability to speak and understand thoughts, enhanced agility and strength. Because of a critical injury, Shadow Hound has some type of mechanical armor that is now biologically infused with him. This armor gives him enhanced durability and increases his strength. Being an animal, the Mutation has developed and enhanced his senses allowing him to track items and living beings, see further and use his claws to slice through things. Shadow Hound also has the ability to turn invisibility which makes him appear only as a shadow.


Shadow Hound, being an Animal-Mutant, can not be anywhere public as it will draw attention to himself. Shadow Hound's armor is also heavy making it difficult to walk and possibly swim as he relies on his enhanced strength and agility to reach places quickly. Shadow Hound's invisibility is also limited as it makes him appear as a shadow which could give away his location by someone who notices it.


Early Life

Working with Ryden

Ryden's Assault

Succoring Psyche


Mutant Drake


  • Shadow Hound was originally going to appear in the flashback in Into the Storm Part 2, being in the testing room during the Nanogene Explosion. This, however, never made the final cut.
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