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Shadow Face
General Information
Species Umbrasaepien
Home World Darkoria
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Merging into shadows
Shade mists
First Appearance The Ben10 of Tomorrow

Shadow Face is a DNA sample of an Umbrasapien from the planet Darkoria. He appears in the series Weird William.


Shadow Face has a humanoid body which is totally dark. He has a pair of green eyes and spikes jutting from his shoulders.

Powers and Abilities[]

Shadow face transformation weird

william transforming into Shadow Face

Shadow Face, as his name suggests, has powers related to shadows. He has the ability to merge with shadows. Since his body itself is similar to a shadow, he is also has the ability to turn intangible, when needed. He can also send blasts of 'shade mists' at his opponent.


  • He is confirmed in the Weird William series.
  • He is the first alien used by William.
  • He is confirmed to be one of the major aliens in the series.
  • His body is similar to shadows.
  • He is similar to Alien X, but without the stars on him and his three horns.