First off, I am not the greatest writer who had ever lived nor the best fanfiction writer who ever lived.

–Shade Erebius, the first line of the episode

Shade Erebius is the main character and the protogonist in Shade 10: Evolutions (Rebooted).


It appears that not much is known about Shade's past. Some seems to imply that he is very rich.



  • Shade's main power is Umbrakinesis, the ability to summon, create or control darkness by accessing darkness from the surroundings. He can create forcefields, energy blasts, shields and platforms out of darkness.
  • Night Vision, the ability to see in the dark
  • Light Absorption, removing light from a place
  • Smoke Creation, summon mists of darkness
  • Shadow Animation, bring shadows to life
  • Shadow Mimicry, the ability to mimic shadows. In this form, Shade can blend into his surroundings as a shadow and travel in superhuman speeds.
  • Cloaking
  • Telekinesis


Shade and the Umbranites have minor ability to cast spells. However, little in known about expert spellcasters in Umbranite colonies.


Shade is a character who emphasizes the hardness of life in general and genuinely believes that the world is a bad place. He regrets choosing his crew. He appears to be very cooperative with them. Shade does appear to be the opposite of Arcina, a cheerful and funloving person.


He is like a male Anodite but his body is formed from pure darkness. He appears to be about Ben's height even though he is just thirteen.


  • This character is nearest to the writer's personality though he does not scream a lot.
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