General Information
Species Vengetti
Home World Venus
Body Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Glam Shadancer
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Boomerang Proficiency
Enhanced Reflexes
Space Survivability
Equipment Pointed Shades
Alien Number  ???
Namesake N/A
First Appearance TBA (Shadancer Prime)
Forever To Say Goodbye: Part 1 (Glam Shadancer)

Shadancer is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.

He also appears in Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Shadancer's abilities include:

  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Boomerang Proficiency
  • Limited Light Manipulation
  • Acid Immunity
  • Heat Immunity
  • Pressure Immunity
  • Space Survivability


Shadancer is a tall, black and teal humanoid alien. His eyes, chest, shoulders, and shoulder blades all have large pairs of shades attached to them that can be pulled off and wielded as surprisingly efficient boomerangs. His only article of clothing is a belt that wraps around his abdomen, on top of which sits the symbol of whatever Omnitrix is being used at the moment.

In Dimension 79, Shadancer's teal colors are replaced with bright magenta and purple.


Shadancer isn't particularly strong outside of throwing strength, and can easily be overwhelmed by a number of more powerful opponents.

Planet and Species Information

Shadancer is a Vengetti from the planet Venus. The Vengetti are extremely reclusive, hiding deep underground in large cities, hidden from the outside universe. Those that have been found by the intergalactic community have become famous for their work with optical wear, creating glasses that can double as weapons. They are rumored to have produced Napoleon's Sunglasses but have declined to comment on this issue.

Venus is the second planet from the Sol system's sun, its surface hidden by a thick layer of toxic clouds. The surface of the planet is a harsh, barren landscape with extremely high temperatures, acid rain, and an atmospheric pressure 92 times that of Earth. It has been speculated that the Vengetti are not native to the planet, but again, they have declined to comment on this.



Star Spirit



Star Spirit


  • Shadancer is the only naturally-existing alien in Earth-83's Prime Timeline to have debuted in an alternate timeline.

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