General Information
Species Sotoraggian
Home World Sotoragg
Residence Earth
Affiliations Azmuth
Tetrax Shard
Ben Tennyson
Ben's Team
Occupation(s) Plumber
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Durability
Equipment Lasers
Relatives Sixsix (brother)
Eighteight (sister)

Sevenseven is a Sotoraggian from the planet Sotoragg in Ben 23: Hero Generation. He is the Timeline 23 equivalent of the canon Sevenseven-23.


He has his Omniverse appearance, but the silver parts on his armor are bronze.


Powers and Abilities

Sevenseven is like a non-mutant cyborg, but it can be seen that he was experimented on, as he had nano-robots infused into his hands so they could transform them into weapons, like some androids do. He can transform both of his hands into cannons that fire laser discs, energy beams, and laser machine gun bullets. He also has a buzz-saw, and wire cannons that fire laser discs and machine gun lasers, discs, and turrets that fire lasers and energy saws and homing heat-seeking missiles, grenades, retractable energy brass knuckles that can stop a rolling Arburian Pelarota and short-range flash-bang grenades.


Like his siblings, he does not speak English, even if he talks to aliens who do, but they are shown to be able to understand him. This was fixed in Runaway, when he received a translator.


In Realm of Death, after Ben is trapped in the Null Void, Tetrax and Sevenseven try to use the Plumber Headquarters' Null Void projector to go into the Null Void and find Ben, to no avail since the projector wasn't working.

In Runaway, Tetrax and Sevenseven approach Blukic and Driba to make an invisibility device, which they already have. They give it to them, along with a translator for Sevenseven. Later, they use the invisibility device to sneak into City Hall and get footage from the day Ben went missing. Later at night, Sevenseven approaches Vance Vetteroy at the Bellwood Gazette Office and hands him the USB drive containing footage of Ben's disappearance. While the latter initially refuses, he agrees after he sees the footage. Sevenseven tells him to be careful as he leaves.


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