Proctor Servantis is a 1/2 Human 1/2 Cerebrocrustacean hybrid. He is a Proctor-ranked Plumber, and runs the Black-Ops wing of the Null Void.


As a human, Servantis was a tall, exceptionally pale man with a pointed beard and no hair. He had black eyes with dark outlines around them.

As a Cerebrocrustacean hybrid, Servantis has pale orange skin, a large head and wears black Proto-Tech Armor. His eyebrows and beard are pointed, similar to Dr. Psychobos'. He has spikes on the sides of his head. His eyes are red and he also has a red crystal on the middle of his head. He can open his scaled head which unveils his brain. He has three claws on each of his hands with the same colorization as his brain-covering scale.

History and Personality

Servantis is a Plumber scientist who became the Proctor of the Plumbers' black ops wing in the Null Void, the Rooters. He took human children and aliens into the Null Void, and by using Kevin's powers, created hybrids and trained them to destroy Albedo, whom he believed to be a threat to the universe at the time. After the Amalgam Kids failed to kill Albedo, Servantis deemed the whole mission a failure, he erased the Amalgam Kids' memories and sent them back to Earth.


Servantis is now a Proctor and still leads the Rooters. He also still makes hybrids.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Electrokinesis
  • Electrical Telepathy
  • Electrical Telekinesis
  • Mnemokinesis
  • Flight
  • Force Fields
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