General Information
Species Venomous Scorpex
Home World Scorpex
DNA source Digital Icon
Body Arthropod
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Acid Manipulation
Voice Actor Jennifer Hale
Serquid is the Metatrix's DNA of a Venomous Scorpex from the planet Scorpex.


Serquid resembles an orange humanoid being with four scorpion legs. She has stingers connected to her arms with a large scorpion tail over her body. Her legs have too claws and she has three eyes. The last one being on her forehead.

Powers and Weaknesses

Serquid has the ability to fire acid from her stingers and mouth. This corrosive acid can burn enemies and stun them, leaving their bodies stripped of all their strength.

Despite her strong legs, Serquid can have trouble balancing her body. One of her other weaknesses is that her acid can be used against her.

Race and Planet Information

Serquid is from Scorpex. a desert planet with barely any water. Due to this, many of her race has turned to thievery and selfishness for there own needs. Venomous Scorpex tend to be the most violent, having the need to always torture there enemies with doses of venom.


  • Serquid's name is a combination of Serqet, the godess of venom, and liquid.
  • She has similarities to the Xenomorph Queen from the Alien franchise.
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