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General Information
Star System Serpentine System
Entity Type Planet
Environment Jungle
Habitability Habitable
Sapient Species Ophidians

Serpentis is a planet that is home to the Ophidians.


Serpentis is a planet sat snugly inside the Goldilocks Zone of its parent star. As a result it easily supports a wide array of biological Earth-like life. The planet's surface is dominated by dense rain forests and jungle. Both of its poles are frozen solid, covered totally in ice.

Although rarely visible from above, the planet is dotted with cities mostly made from the abundance of wood that the Ophidians have access to and built into and around the trees.

In the mountains the Ophidian cities can be seen more clearly, built sky-high out of white metal. This is where the richer population lives and where the Ophidians dedicate themselves to science. The largest of these cities, the capital city of Promise, is so big that it is visible from space. This is where the Ophidians developed their space-faring technology.


The dominant species of Serpentis is the Ophidians, a race of four-armed snakes with powerful constricting abilities. They have evolved over millions of years to truly dominate their environment. Although totally at home in the forests of Serpentis, the Ophidians moved into the mountains to begin constructing cities in the open space free of the forests. Once there, their scientific knowledge began to accelerate rapidly. Within only a few thousand years of this, they joined the galactic community. Environmentalists often praise them for managing to get so far technologically without desecrating their environments.

Known Inhabitants

Sapient Species

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