General Information
Species Arcturian
Home World Arcturus
DNA source Unknown
Body Humanoid Snake
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Speed
Agility and Flexibility
Mana Immunity
Venom Spit
Sharp Teeth
Skin Shedding
Stretchable Limbs
Burrowing and Unhinged Jaws
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance Ghost King's Project


Serpentine is the Knock Off Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Arcturian from the planet Arcturus in Ben 10: Haunted.


Serpentine is a humanoid snake with red scales and a green underbelly and frill.

Transformation Sequence

Ghost King`s feet merge together and a tail forms. His hands then elongate and turn into eyeless snakes. He grows a frill and a snake-like face before finishing his transformation.

Powers and Abilities

Serpentine has enhanced speed, durability, reflexes, agility and flexibility.

Serpentine has mana immunity. This means he can't be tracked by those who can use mana nor can he be affected by it.

Serpentine can spit venom at foes. It can either be acid spit or hallucination spit. Either way, you don't want to be near it.

Serpentine can use his body to constrict around foes.

Serpentine has sharp fangs since he's a snake.

Serpentine can shed his skin as a decoy or for just general shedding purposes.

Serpentine's arms are long and can stretch to great length to bite at foes.

Serpentine can hypnotize you with a single glance from his eyes. Here's a handy tip: when he rattles his tail look away!

Serpentine can burrow underground rapidly.

Serpentine is able to unhinge his jaws to eat large prey.


Serpentine can be distracted by music. Flutes are the most effective against him. However, this distraction doesn't work long.

Serpentine can be defeated by his own hallucination venom if it's directed back at his eyes.

Serpentine's hypnotism can mesmerize him briefly if it's directed back at him. However, he's able to shake this off in a matter of seconds.


Serpentine is the first alien used in the Knock-Off Omnitrix.

Serpentine was selected by Ghost King while he was in Ben`s body during the events of "Darkstar`s Return". However he unlocked Snakepit for Ben accidentally in the process. Ghost King allowed him to keep Snakepit as a token of thanks for his help in fighting Darkstar.

Serpentine is used in "Null and Voided" where he leaps onto the female Waybad from above and mind controls her. He then orders her to attack the other Waybads and she obeys.

In Secret of the Skin Walker: Serpentine briefly attacks Ben and Kai Green before slithering off into the night.

He was used offscreen in "Movie Set of Horrors" to help film the horror movie.


  • Ghost King`s Project
  • Darkstar`s Return
  • Null and Voided
  • Secret of the Skin Walker
  • Etc.


Serpentine's name means "Something relating to snakes".


  • Some of Serpentine`s powers are based off the Ninjago Serpentine.
  • Serpentine is Ghost King's first transformation.
  • His home planet of Arcturus is named after the constellation.
  • He puts an extra emphasis on words with "S" in them.


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