Serious Big Chill
General Information
Species Necrofriggian
Home World Kylmyys
Body Humanoid bug/ghost
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Invisibility, intangibility, flight, cryokinetic
First Appearance TBA
Serious Big Chill is one of Ben Tememeson's aliens he transforms into using the Omemetrix in the series "Ben 10: Meme Force."


Serious Big Chill bears a strikingly similar appearance to Ben Tennyson's alien Big Chill from the series "Ben 10: Alien Force." The only difference is that Big Chill's head had been replaced with the 'Are You Kidding Me' Meme.


Serious Big Chill is a complete pessimist. He always seems depressed and doesn't really care about the situation at hand. Unlike Trollmonkey, Serious Big Chill will still fight in battles in spite of his attitude.


Serious Big Chill can wrap his moth-like wings around his body, creating a cloak. His main ability is cryokenises, the ability to control ice. He can also fly, become invisible, and intangible.


Since Serious Big Chill controls ice, his main weakness is fire.

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