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General Information
Species Tirtouga
Home World The Off-the-ground
Powers and Equipment
Powers Enhanced Durability
Equipment Shell Bell
Pokémon Info
Types Water


Moves Endeavor
Aqua Jet
Ability Sturdy
Voice Actor Steel (0chromat)
First Appearance Pokémon Dark

Serif is a Tirtouga from The Off-the-ground. He is Trajan's brother and one of the main characters of Pokémon Sky.


He is a standard Tirtouga. He has a black beak and shell and blue rough skin.


Serif and Trajan were made in a lab. The head scientist was trying to recreate species lost in the war so long ago. He hid them from the world so no one would see his cruelty and put a stop to it. However, his assistant, Violet, broke them free in an incident that led to the removal of the head scientist from their dimension. Now Serif lives his life napping and helping Trajan.


Serif is lazy. So lazy in fact, that he speak in lowercase. He takes multiple jobs for multiple breaks. Why he doesn't just stay unemployed is anyone's guess.

Powers and Abilities

Serif's shell is pure stone and cannot be pierced by anything weaker than a Talpaedan drill.

He can shoot water out of his mouth.

He is undead, and thus immune to mana drainers. If an Osmosian were to absorb him or Trajan, they would only absorb stone.

He carries around a Shell Bell, which heals him for 1/8 of the damage given to opponents.

He knows the moves Endeavor, which puts his opponents in the same health as him, Aqua Jet, which uses water to propel him forward faster than most other attacks, and Accelerock, which is Aqua Jet with rocks instead of water, and Withdraw, which strengthens his shell.

His Ability is Sturdy, which means he can survive any attack once.

He seems to recognize the medium of the story outside of the first game's stage play framing device, and the show's web show framing device.


  • He is based on Sans Undertale.
  • His art is based on Squirtle‘s art from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
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