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I've got many series here that I would like to give away.Each series can have one writer or two only.Book fast!

The original series, except Ben does it in a whole different way.Example: Instead of Vilgax being injured in the pilot, he is still okay.

  • Gwen Tennyson-Kevin Levin: Heroes

In OV, Gwen and Kevin separated from Ben's team.In this series, you will see what they did during OV.

  • Ben 10: Omnitrix Force

Ben as a 10 year old goes on a summer trip with Gwen and Max, when he gains the Omnitrix!The real one!Join Ben and co as they fight evil and uncover secrets.

Join the 6 sentient ultimates as they fight evil villains who attack their planet.P.S: Whoever wants to write can choose what planet they live in.

  • Ben 10: Hero To All

Following the Goodbye and Good Riddance timeline, 10 year old Ben, now a public known hero, has to fight evil and juggle school at the same time.

  • Max Tennyson: The Ultimate Plumber

Join a 35 year old Max and his friends Devin and Xylene as they fight threats around the universe.

  • Ben 10: Un-Recalibration

Alien Force, but the Omnitrix didn't recalibrate.Can Ben still do it, even with new forms?

  • Plumbers' Kids: Alien Force

Join Manny, Alan, Pierce, Cooper and Helen as they fight evil after graduating from the Plumbers' Academy.P.S: This series takes place before Pierce died.

Following the Time Heals timeline, Ben has to form a new team to fight against Hex.

  • Ben 10: Weaker Force

Alien Force, but the Omnitrix never recalibrated, Gwen's mana is only as powerful as OS, and Kevin can only use energy.

  • Ben 10: Ultimate Force

Alien Force, but Kevin didn't reform, so Ben and Gwen know they have to find a third member.

  • Ben 10: Now or Never

As said in the Ben 10 Pop-Up, Ben will become serious when he is 15 if Goodbye and Good Riddance is his real future.Join Ben as he fights evil alone and serious.Gwen and Max have to remind him about family, or they'll just be a memory.

  • Ben 10: Ultimate Team

OV, except Gwen and Kevin never left Ben.

  • Ben 10: Going Solo

OV, except Ben and Rook weren't teammates, but they met.

  • Ben 10: Going X

Ben accidentally goes Alien X and gets stuck, but Serena and Bellicus make him a deal.They will obey Ben's every command (except reverting).Now Ben must use his sub-aliens to battle enemies inside Alien X.