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Serena & Sasha's Solar System
Created by Hannah
Written by Hannah
Seasons 2 (planned)
Episodes 26 (planned)
Created on: Conceptualized in November 2019
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Serena & Sasha's Solar System is a series by Hannah, following two girls being abducted by a pirate group in order to escape a curse.


Serena Sefa and Sasha Thali are suddenly abducted by a band of space pirates, telling them that they must assist in the breaking of a curse. In order to be freed, they and the crew must return all of the pirates' treasure within 99 days, and so they begin a journey across the galaxy...


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  • TBA



  • The events of this series take place on Earth-21.
  • This is designed partially as an anniversary series, 15th for Ben 10 and (for the eps that were supposed to come out in 2019) 10th for BTFF.
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