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General Information
Home Planet Dischronia
Timekiller's Base (alternate timeline)
Body Tripedal Headless Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Literal Fourth Wall Breaking
Dimension Hopping
Weaknesses Weak Fighters
Present In Omnitrix
Codon Stream (Earth-1010)

Sentientsapiens are 4D2's species. They come from the timeless planet of Dischronia.


Sentientsapiens are tripedal humandoid aliens with no head, instead they have a mask-like faces on each shoulder- typically both of a different art style. Although the faces can be moved independently, they both think with the same mind and are therefore usually synchronised with one another. Their arms end in two large fingers. They have six sharp 'ribs' jutting out of their lower torso- three on each side.

The colours Sentientsapiens appear in varies greatly. They have been known to have yellow, red, and brown skin specifically, with red, white, and grey eyes. It is possible that these differences used to be based on continuity, however this is demonstrably no longer true.

A Sentientsapiens' two faces vary so greatly in appearance because they always represent a different aspect of the multiverse. Examples of known artstyles include: Dragonball Super, Rick and Morty, and Ben 10: Omniverse. For reasons unknown, they are always human faces.


It is unclear how the unique abilities of the Sentientsapiens came to be. They have very little culture or architecture of their own and almost no recorded history of note. It seems that most of what would make them culturally significant has been filtered across the multiverse, resulting in it being so unrecognisable as to appear non-existent.


The main ability of a Sentientsapien is their ability to jump into any dimension from which he is being observed, even if the 'observation' is actually completely fictional from the point of view of the dimension they arrive in. This makes recording them a risky venture, and capturing one incredibly difficult.

This can lead to them learning of their own future and using this knowledge to their advantage.


They are incredibly poor fighters, hence the use of the primary ability.

Sentientsapiens are completely unable to learn of their future if it involves a time traveller- it will change.

Known Sentientsapiens

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